Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ten Pin Drinking

Well yet another nights Ten Pin Bowling last night, didn't win this time, but got a fairly simular score to the previous time, got 101 this time...

Was very thirsty whilst at the bowling alley, as they had the temperature turned up really fucking high, so I was forced in to having a pint of fucking horrible John Smiths Extra Smooth. What a load of total fucking wank that drink is... I can't imagine for the life of me why its such a seemingly popular drink.

After ten pin bowling got the bus back towards this way, and went to the Alex, meeting up with E, was a bit late getting there so he was already one pint ahead of me. I got a pint at the bar. I drunk the pint at the bar, so it was empty by the time the barman came back with my change, so I got another pint. The first two were Triumpth, which wasn't too bad, but I then had a pint of guinness, but noticing they've put the fucking price of the guinness up I then switched to speckled hen, a having about four pints of that. Not too bad considering I managed at least seven or eight pints in the time I was there, which was a little over an hour and a quarter.

Came back here with E after the pub, and finished off half a bottle of glen Livit I had hanging about, and I went to bed at about 3 AM.

Woke up before my alarm today, and now about to get ready to head off to the station this afternoon and get the train to Norwich, and thence on to Lowestoft, to go to my Fathers.

Thats right folks, I'm going away for about a fortnight to my Fathers, to drink lots of adanams and locally brewed beer from Oulton Ales, and GreenJack Brewry, both of which are in Oulton Broad/lowestoft. So plenty of drinking coming up in the next fortnight, pity I won't be able to write about it all here

Unfortunately I won't have any internet access whilst away.....

please don't panic at this interuption in your surfing;normal service will be resumed once we know what 'normal service' is

'Normal service' means that when you ask for a beer, you get a beer and not, for example, an ostrich.
I've gotten an albatross once when I asked for a guinness, and another time I got a small case of nuclear waste matterial when I asked for a pint of Bishops finger. I didn't dare ask in that particular pub for any other beers, next time I'll take my rucksack with me so I have somewhere to put the wildlife and the radioactive matterial. Oh. I'm back. new entry coming up some time soon
Are you sure it was nuclear waste material? Maybe it was Bishop's Finger. Its so hard to tell them apart these days.
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