Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lazing on a Sunday afternoon

Feeling quite tired.... havne't been to the pub in ages... Too much blood in my alcohol system.... Leg still hurting quite a bit, I think having buggered up my ankle I've been walking oddly, which is kinda putting odd pressure on the leg in ways not normally done when walking normally, so both legs feeling a bit odd... Bluddy bluddy annoying.... Going to go back into the loft this afternoon to give it its final sort out and organise everything neatly, then I might also today think about cleaning up the guitar room once its empty (when the stuff in it that I don't want in there is in the loft), and then think about moving the studeo stuff from the spare bedroom down to the guitar room, and the French dresser back into the spare bedroom once the desk, PC, amp, mixer and guitars and keyboard and drum machine etc are safely installed in the guitar room... then later on in the week can consider giving the house a damn big good clean right through.... Still haven't got round to transfering the notes I took whilst away at my Dads from the smartphone/PDA to the PC in order to upload em on to here as a Blog of the period I was away, along with such highlights as the introduction of 'the London cowboy' to the blogging world, and the storey of how I managed to injur myself.... So just this short note for now in order that the blog doesn't think I've forgotten it and wonders off in a grumpy mood..... Good news the other day finally sorted out my benifits and theyre crediting my bank account with £2K of back payments... finally....

You have a room just for guitars? Where they can roam free and do what they want?
The guitars indeed have their very own room, but they are now currently sharing it with my old PC, Drum machine, keyboard, the mixer desk, an awful lot of cables of various kinds, and a large guitar amp, plus of course the keyboard PC speakers, speech synth, Braille embosser, a couple of folders, various plug adaptors and quite a few CD ROMS floppy diskcs and other assorted goodies The room is quite odd really, it is a windowless void but has two doors one at either end with glass in them, allowing light to enter from either side though not much does, its dark, earie and when I'm here in it is slightly damp, but then again I don't want to bring my medical condition into this.... Actually the guitars have been known to randomly rearange themselves about the room, there are five on one wall and one on antoher wall, and anohter sitting in a guitar stand, we do, however, have several vanquished guitars, a bass lives next doo in the loft,... next door in the loft, and the classical and acoustic live in the front room mainly lurking near the small sofa, but often they too migrate serabitiously about the room and house in general.... Two .. no three guitars are currently on vacation, one in Hatfield, and two are at the sea side in Lowestoft.... I never inteded to have so many guitars, but we abscently left the first two I had togehter in a room one night... and... well... without wanting to go in to detail, 'nature' took its course... if you catch my drift.... grifty... very grifty.
it is a spiral disected wardrobe stand on the left that you might want to investigate; there are trousers and everything.
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