Saturday, May 20, 2006


No I'm not pissed

Was mildly pissed to almost total Grifty oblivian on Wednesday night, went to the Alex, had a pint of Trophy, then Ridlies Rumpuss, then two pints of Guiness, then went to the kingston, had two pints summer lightening, then a pint of Mill Brewery beer I can't remember the name of, then two pints of the ST Peters brewry mild, which was rather nice, then finished off with two pints of summer Lightening. Left the Kingstone and went to the Swimmer ( the swann), had two pints of ridlies rumpuss and a pint of guinness. Went back to Ed's had a couple litres of cider before getting a taxi home, had a couple cans of guinness and sat up watching bollocks on TV till Fairly late and went to bed.

Its just a bit awkward having a piss full stop at the moment

Towards the middle of this week, we began noticing the toilet was behaving oddly, slurring a lot and generally not seeming its normal peerky selft.

We isolated the problem to be the split pin on the connection to the inside of the handle, but as it turned out, this had bent a section over time, and also screwed up the diaphragm...

So today, Lodger, who used to work in a plummers type role, and hence who speaks the unique language peculiar to plumming, and hence is able to go to a plummers merchants and buy stuff without being treated like a know-nothing member of the public, and hence sold stuff we don't want... He got an entire new thing for inside the cistem.... Which He fitted today...

Bugger bugger bugger bugger bugger, the washer between the out pipe as it connects to the bowl, at the base is buggered... so we have to wait till the plummers merchants reopens to get another....

Windowless void

So I'm sitting in the windowless void of the guitar room, in a house that is a toitletless void

off out tommorrow

Off tommorrow out to get a new Hi Fi amp If I find a nice one, check the DWP paid in the back money they owe me, then out for an Indian and to the pub

Its a hard life....

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