Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ten Pin Drinking

Well yet another nights Ten Pin Bowling last night, didn't win this time, but got a fairly simular score to the previous time, got 101 this time...

Was very thirsty whilst at the bowling alley, as they had the temperature turned up really fucking high, so I was forced in to having a pint of fucking horrible John Smiths Extra Smooth. What a load of total fucking wank that drink is... I can't imagine for the life of me why its such a seemingly popular drink.

After ten pin bowling got the bus back towards this way, and went to the Alex, meeting up with E, was a bit late getting there so he was already one pint ahead of me. I got a pint at the bar. I drunk the pint at the bar, so it was empty by the time the barman came back with my change, so I got another pint. The first two were Triumpth, which wasn't too bad, but I then had a pint of guinness, but noticing they've put the fucking price of the guinness up I then switched to speckled hen, a having about four pints of that. Not too bad considering I managed at least seven or eight pints in the time I was there, which was a little over an hour and a quarter.

Came back here with E after the pub, and finished off half a bottle of glen Livit I had hanging about, and I went to bed at about 3 AM.

Woke up before my alarm today, and now about to get ready to head off to the station this afternoon and get the train to Norwich, and thence on to Lowestoft, to go to my Fathers.

Thats right folks, I'm going away for about a fortnight to my Fathers, to drink lots of adanams and locally brewed beer from Oulton Ales, and GreenJack Brewry, both of which are in Oulton Broad/lowestoft. So plenty of drinking coming up in the next fortnight, pity I won't be able to write about it all here

Unfortunately I won't have any internet access whilst away.....

please don't panic at this interuption in your surfing;normal service will be resumed once we know what 'normal service' is

Monday, April 17, 2006

Instant Insult

Well finally something to make my day.

Certainly something to almost go some way to not quite making up for this miserable bank holiday easter weekend.

Potentially something to really have made the week, if not the month, or even the year thus far almost worth its abnoxious pointless boring time...

Yeh, its as cheesy as all hell, and really quite naff I guess, but its just so cuel.

Its a piece of freeware for my Nokia 6630 symbian OS smartphone.

Its a 'random insult generator' piece of software.

The insults are pretty crap though, and I've not seen one yet with a single fucking swear word in it.

here, then, for the entertainment of everyone out in the intardnet land, is an insult generated live, on my phone in the spare room in my house in Cambridge.

Your Funky aunt brushes a punpkin in the forest!

fuck me, that was great, heres another

Your Crazed cat rides on a peanut in a car park!

Actually these are kinda surreal in a way I muchly approve of.

Anyone who's mobile number I have may expect to randomly recieve any of these at random times whilst I'm pissed....; It has a neat feature so you can automatically put the text of the insult into a text message.

Oh, I hear the cries of adulation for this gem of a piece of software, so, for the adoring fans out there, lets have one more for luck...

Your insane Brother carries a chicken in a bakery!

Heck I really like that last one, kinda poetic in its visualisation of the scene there, wouldn't you say? I mean, yeh, I can see what its getting at; how c-crazy would your Brother really have to be to carry a chicken in his bakery? Pretty damn crazy is my guess, answers on a pissedcard to your Brother..

Your senseless Grandmother kisses an armchair at school!

Sorry, I just couldn't resist another one...

Now, that ones really got me thinking... I mean, an arm chair?; thats just so totally and utterly insane man, and in a school?; There should be a whole new subcatogry of sexual deviance just to explain that one. I mean, can you imagine what the school governers would say? Phew, I wouldn't like to be the headmaster having to write a letter to all the pupils parents to explain this one away.... Just crazy, crazier than lampost with its own IP address...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Flawless pecability

BoB I hate these long weekends of nothingness...

What is even worse, tomorrow is a bank holiday as far as I remember... yet another day of pointless nothingness.... four bluddy days in a bluddy row... four bluddy boring pointless stupid fucking useless days of nothingness....

Can't even go to the fucking pub as all the most abnoxious, moronic dick-head loud-mouthed, thick as shit, wanker dick-head Chav wanna-be's will be out in force over the four days of enforced nothingness... Filling the pubs with their abnoxious loud moronic stupid opinions on shit they know absolutely nothing about and on which no one with an ounce of sense would ever want to hear a fucking opinion or single utterence from, ever. Fuck I hate these morons, they can't even handle their fucking booze and the further they are from me and the more dead and non living they are the fucking better. So lets hope that voluentary euthanasia for chavs gets going fucking soon. So I'll just have to stay in instead...


Saturday, April 15, 2006

Cigarettes cakes and flaminco

Better than good friday, so why isn't it called 'good Saturday?

Got up earlyish and went up the road to the newsagents at about 11.30, got cigarettes...

Came out of the newsagents and went up to the bakery, got a filled roll for lunch and a pie, and for later for myself and lodger bought a pile of cakes...

Been trying out the recording on the multi track software again, and actually seeming to get somewhere now in actually getting a half decent noise on to disk, going to push on in a while and get some actual multi tracking done and hopefully try to get three or four things down in at least partialy finished form so I can burn em to CD and see what they sound like on the Hi Fi's, inbetween doing this just got a shower and have been listening to various guitar stuff, namely rediculus tempo'd flaminco...

hmmm.... Cigarettes cakes and flaminco well thats the album titled sorted....

Friday, April 14, 2006

The beauty of bordum

.....Is that I cooked a really nice evening meal.... The downside is of course that I've done fuck all else all bluddy day... Dinner was great though, nearly enough to make up for it all... I invented a new dish, kinda like bombay potato, but using sweet potato with various things, came out great, did my chicken chilli spicey rice dish with it, which came out fantastic as it useually does when I pay attention to what the fuck I'm doing, and when I'm not pissed whilst doing it... made nalm bread, came out pretty well, but I think I need to like find a proper recipie for it really.... Nothing much exciting happened all day really... Oh, except for Jesus appearing whilst I was eating dinner... on the nalm bread... I'd ahve chatted a while but I was hungry and isn't eating his flesh the done thing in some denominations? anyhow, I'd just put a large dollop of the rice dish on his chin so it would have been a shame to let it go to waste... Bit like the time Mohammid turned up inside a bag of wheet crunchies... strange relaly, not had a packet of those in years now...

What is so fucking good about good fucking Friday?

Good Friday So, what is so good about good fucking Friday?

The fucking newsagents is closed and I've only just enough fags left to get me through the fucking day.

Also, the fucking farm shop will be closed so I can't go and buy any fucking food

The long and the short of it?

I'm a fucking consumer, like it or not, I'm a fucking consumer, thats what we're ment to be arn't we? And cause someone says so everywhere is gona be closed...

I do hope the fucking shops are open tomorrow or I may have to do something drastic

And... Its fucking chicken again for dinner tonight as I can't get to the farm shop to get anything differnt to eat...

Fucking chicken again?

I think I'll do an Indian tonight... Flat bread/nalm bread, spicey vegetable rice, spicey sweet potato thinggy I like, and spicey coated roast chicken

Fuck I'm bored.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

More audio-interfaces than you can throw a mixer at

I'm still continueing on the quest for the ideal audio-interface/soundcard for my recording set up on the PC upstairs. Boy oh Boy is there a bewildering array of equipment out there, from less than £50 to a couple of grand you name it they make it. 96 KHZ, 48 KHZ, 24 bit, 16 Bit, direct monitoring, 1, 2, 10 or however many you want line inputs, phantum mic inputs, balanced XLR inputs, Midi In, Midi out, Optical connections, breakout box, USB, firewire PCI, its all there, and more besides. I'm edging more and more towards thinking about getting a USB audio interface, as then It'd be an easier job to switch between the two PCs, and of course if I ever get a new laptop it'd be ideal for that also. Narrowing it down a bit at the moment between the M-audio audiophile 2496 USB (I was previously very tempted by the PCE/PCI/whatever the BoB its called) internal soundcard version of this, and the Line 6 TonePort UX1.... The audiophile seems to have less 'gizmos' with it, basically it is just an audio interface with line and mic inputs etc., at 24 bit 96 KHZ sampling rates, whilst the line 6 TonePort UX1 has a whole bunch of amp mods and effects that it comes bundled with... However, I don't think the TonePort will work at 96 KHZ sampling rate... So I'm thinking for just the 'naked' sound the audiophile might be the best option, but then again, my multieffects unit is an ancient old cheap piece of shite, and it'd be nice with the TonePort having these effects and amp mods just there... I'm hoping that whatever route I go it'l mean I can ditch the mixer and marshal amp (which I'm using as a pre amp), but I think this would be most likely with the TonePort, as it has the built in software effects and amp modelling.... The price is pretty much a much between a lot of the gear I'm looking at... I dunno.... maybe I would be best off with a new soundcard rather than an external USB audio interface.... bluddy hell I can't make my mind up... anyone want to lend me a couple of these for a few months so I can test em out?.... bugger thought not...
Hey, great news, its nearly lunch time, lettuce eat food.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I call it BoB,and a nights drinking.

A web log. All of my very own. its like a white wall ready for someone to grafitti all over it. Web log... Waht a stupid name. Blog.... an even more stupid name. I think I'll call it 'BoB' instead.
Out drinking last night. Didn't get to bed till 4 AM.
I drunk:
Ridlies Prospect.
Morehouse Pride of Pendle.
Titanic Iceburg.
And some others.
and cider.
And some whisky.
I wish I knew why my head feels odd...

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