Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Ten pin fish n chips

Out to Ten Pin this evening, first league match. Actually was out ten pin again on Thursday just gone, in the afternoon, had a bit of a hangover then but got a good score or two. Yet again tonight when faced with the total lack of any drinkable fermented vegetable products worth dinrking I resorted to going non alcoholic, and had an orange juice thing, which was quite alright as far as non alcoholic drinks do except for I'd not expect to be drinking em late in the evening... Came back and went to the chippy on my road on the way home to get dinner as it was quite late by now, so got fish n chips, rather good and the first time I've had fish and chips in yonks. Got a call from 'e' today earlier on seeing if I wanted to go out tonight to the pub, which normally I'd have said a 'yes' to, cept for me being at the ten pin tonight so couldn't really cancil that to go to the pub with him. Looks like he's busy for the rest of the week, so more than likely we will go out at the weekend, probably Saturday. fuck cunt wank badger arse bastards; the stupid fucking football world cup bollocks is starting soon so I'll actually have to pay some attention to what matches are on and when, just to be able to avoid going to the pub at the times they are on, and having to put up with a bunch of stupid fucking football supporting wankers filling the places up to the rafters with their inaine moronic bolocks and making everywhere really quite abnoxious a place to be. Oh well, at least that won't be a problem in a years time, once they've banned smoking in pubs and I never go into one again. fucking fuck faced fucking fuckers, banning fucking smoking in fucking pubs the cunts, to say I'm a bit annoyed about the smoking ban is putting it mildly; its distroying the only passtime and thing I enjoy. fuckers. Bluddy hell those fish n chips were nice though. Four quid!? for a bag of fish n chips? bluddy hell thats gone up a bit since the last time I bought any.... oh well, I'll be able to eat out all the fucking time once the government has banned me from every pub in the fucking country.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Just another weekend

Saturday Should have been going over to visit C on Friday, but couldn't because he has a problem with one of his teeth, so Saturday got up earlish got ready as if I was going down to visit, but awaiting on call to see if the tooth was any better. It wasn't So I didn't go down, yet another weekend no sex... arse.... So gave E a call to see if he wanted to go out for the evening, which he did, so we went out.... E came round about 7 then we went to teh alex, had 'alfresco', 'striker', and several of guinness as well. some relaly abnoxious loud drunken fucking morons in teh pub made it horrible for everyone, they left a short while before we did, but luckly they didn't go to the pub we went on to... Then went to the Kingston, had a few pints of Batemans XXB, and a lot of summer lightening, plus some entire stout, got a two pint take out of the batemans and a two pint takeout of the summer Lightening. Left at about 12.20 as they open a tadge later on a Saturday, and went back to e's. Drunk the beer over the next few hours and smoked a ton of dope, and then had some cider, followed by a bottle of Claret, which was rather nice and all the better for E having followed my suggestion and left it for a year after he got it (we tried a bottle from the case when he first bought it back from France and it just tasted very* young). Got a cab home at some time after 3 Am, finished off the last of the guinness I had at home went to bed nearly 5 AM. ... Sunday Got up fairly late pottered about did some stuff in the house, didn't eat anything. Went to pub at about 9 ish, had several pints of summer lightening and also a fair few of the Batemans again, again at the kingston. Came home, notice I'd not eaten all day and was starving hungry ordered out for food of which I ate most of... now very tired and no booze in the house, and a distinct lack of sex debauchery and drugs an everything... only got a few cigarettes left, but plenty for tonight and to have a couple in the morning, will go to newsagents tommorrow, and probably also to the bakery and perhaps also the farm shop, though I might leave the farm shop till Tuesday when they'l be getting in fresh veg especially mushrooms as I bought the last few they had on Saturday.... bored... tired... no alcohol in the house.... no sex...

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