Saturday, July 01, 2006

Fucking stupid chav dumb cunt faced arsehole wank cuntfucker bastard morons

There has been a car alarm going off outside at very very loud level for about two hours. Sure, not constantly going off, for every few minutes it stops, pressumbably as the owner of the said car comes out and turns it off. The scilence normally lasts maybe thirty seconds to a minute. Judging by where the sound is coming from at the back, and the sound itself, I'd say it were the same one that was going off the other morning a few days back, its at the same pitch and frequency of repitition. so far as I've been typing this it has beeing going, stopped, restarted, stopped, and just restarted again. Even I would imagine that your average stupid cunt faced arsehole dick head stpuid moronic cunt of a fat chav wanker would have gotten a bit bored of having to keep going out and turning it off by now. I was going to go to bed about half an hour ago, I'd just finished a can of cold guinness and had a cigarette, when I realised it would be a pointless effort. So I rebooted the computer to log on to HooToo to find something to do for an hour or so, maybe doing some more editing on the respiration guide entry or looking at the floyd rose trem enty and trying to figure out where to go with that, or even finishing off the princess Louise pub (High Holborn) entry. Of course the site now appears to be down. fucking great I'm getting more and more loathed to log on each and every bluddy time now. if its not the site being down due to technical problems, its having to be drawn into 'political' discussion of the latest poor bit of judgement by the Italics on 'grayboxing' conversations or modding this that or the other bit of the site. Great. A bunch of shouty wanker moron chavs just walked down the street, 'talking' to each other about ten times louder than anyone would need to even if it were broad daylight and the road busy and full of people. Good they've gone. Oh, has the car alarm finally* stopped* for the night? seems a longer scilence than anything previously in the last three hours. I should probably try to go to bed, have to do housework tomorrow as for the first time in ages lodger is actually out. Fuck I'm bored, and fed up living here without a job or nothing to do half the time. Still can't make my mind up on weather or not to buy the powered monitors and mixer and new soundcard I sourced, they all seem to have good reviews all seem to be in my price range and should do all if not more than I want, I'm pretty sure they'l go together well, and not bad at about £115 for the three together. Several things I should be thinking about buying at the moment, a new matress for the spare room, a new fridge, and I'm thinking about popping out during the week and buying a new shirt and pair of jeans for the meet. Oh the fucking meet. Where the fuck is everyone? Its in fucking London, how on earth many resurchers must live in or within a half hour or so's train ride of London. You think a few more could be a bit sociable. Not even any of the Italics are going to make it this year, me thinks it'l be a bit of a lame affair. If it is then I doubt we'l bother having another meet of this type; probably go for more of the mini meet flavour of meet, without having to book an entire pub, just pick a fairly large one that is open and hopefully not too busy on a Saturday night.Fuck. the car alarm just started up again. fucking great. If I could see I'd go out now and make the guy turn the alarm off perminatley.

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